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Welcome to Class 4

We’re a mixed class of Year 5 and 6 pupils.

Class 4 thrives on challenge and teamwork: to our core, we believe in supporting each other through peer mentoring, collaboration, and being kind communicators at all times.

Our approach to everyday life results in us being able to help our younger children (especially EYFS) to play, pray, to eat, and to learn.


Our House Captains, Sports leaders, Junior ‘Open The Book’ team, Eco Warriors and School Counselors all work together to lead the way - Upper Key Stage Two is all about caring, inspiring, and achieving.


We love to read - we read together, we read one-to-one with adults, and we read

as a whole class and in pairs. Every day, we love to relax in the Book Corner and listen together to our favourite book of the moment. Forest Schools and P.E. are two of our favourite lessons, too.


We are resilient because we know where to look for help if we are stuck - and asking for help, or finding resources to help ourselves, is easy and worry-free. 


Working together to learn together, and being aspirational, means we enjoy challenging ourselves. 

Alex Bourne.JPG

Mr Bourne

Class 4 Teacher

Miss Grist

Class 4 Teaching Assistant

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