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We are a 'GOOD' school!

Crawford's had a 'Section 5' Inspection on the 24th and 25th of January 2023. Please see the full inspection report further below.

These were the highlights:
- 'Pupils have positive relationships with adults in the school.''Pupils enjoy their learning.'
- 'Pupils have access to an exceptionally wide variety of resources to encourage play and exploration.'
* 'They are aware of risk and consider what they must do to minimise this.'
* 'Pupils look out for each other and make sure that everyone is included.'
* 'Pupils across the school are benefiting from the improved reading and mathematics curriculum.'
* 'Leaders have made sure that there is a good-quality curriculum in place.'
* 'Leaders have chosen to introduce extended play and outdoor learning for all pupils. This has been done to promote pupils’ confidence, collaboration and discussion skills.'
* 'Staff are supported well by the leadership team.'
* 'Staff have a positive working relationship with families, making sure that pupils get any help they need.'

Ofsted 2023.

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